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Company Background

The professional and business experience of the company's principals ranges from design and construction management of major capital projects to management of business units in a Fortune 200 firm. Mix with that a deep engagement with communities and local organizations, and you get the flavor of the firm. We combine the technical acumen and business insights needed to understand projects with the sensitivities and communication skills required to engage stakeholders.

Jeanne Muir holds a Masters in Business Administration in both Marketing and Finance and was a senior manager at Paccar, Inc. for a decade. She founded Urban Relations' predecessor firm (Muir Public Relations) in 1992 and has worked with both private developers and public agencies from Seattle to San Francisco. Jeanne has a deep passion for communities, the environment, public art, and building design issues, and manages projects involving multi-use buildings, land use codes, and community involvement in major construction projects.

Jeanne served on the Fremont Cahmber of Commerce Board for 18 years and assisted Capitol Hill form a new Chamber in 2007. She currently serves as Chair of the Board for North Cascades Institute, an environmental organization that seeks to inspire a closer relationship with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. Its mission is to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education, and it operates a beautiful new Environmental Learning Center located in the heart of the North Cascades, on the shore of Lake Diablo.

Art Brochet holds an engineering degree with a minor in construction management. Art worked for 15 years at Puget Power on power plant siting and design and on construction management of power plants, substations and maintenance facilities. He followed that career with graduate studies in public policy at the University of Washington and community involvement in Seattle neighborhoods. Art focuses on communications and construction impact mitigation for major transportation projects.

Art is deeply engaged with games and game theory. He hosts a weekly GO game at his home and is involved in the development and testing of games.

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